Coweta Falls

Coweta Falls, Harrison, Arkansas
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Why Purchase Coweta Falls?

Coweta Falls is one of the most enchanting private residences in the Ozark Mountains. The private, gated estate is nestled within a 50+ acre picturesque canyon just 3 miles northeast of Harrison, Arkansas. Read more about this unique estate as you view the photo galleries… See More >>

Coweta Falls - A Colorful Past

The tales told about this enchanting property only add to its mystique. It’s not hard to imagine that its picturesque rock bluff overhang, natural springs and waterfalls once served as sanctuary to a large Indian settlement. Arrowheads and other relics are found on the site to date. However, tales of a renegade Indian hideout, buried treasures of gold and deer-hide maps depicting the falls and rock bluff can be found with a simple Internet search.

In the late 1920s, Coweta Falls was purchased by a group of 12 businessmen. An 18-feet high dam was erected between the falls to create a spring-fed lake expanding over an acre. Cabins and other structures were built, creating a private resort for the businessmen otherwise known as the Coweta Falls Club. Rumors are that this “gentlemen’s retreat” was visited by governors and mobsters alike until the good women of Harrison “marched out to Coweta” and “ran out the whores”. The property was sold shortly thereafter for a mere $3,000.

It is felt the home that currently graces the property was subsequently constructed in the 1940s. Its ownership changed hands only twice over the next 60 years. In the 1960s and 1970s, its seclusion, breathtaking beauty and cool waters made it a popular destination for couples seeking a midnight swim. One of its more recent owners was a millionaire from Texas. He was quoted as saying that if he only had enough money, he would dig up Coweta and take it home to Texas. The current owner has spent 10 years creating a European-style estate deserving of its surroundings. Coweta Falls has always been a unique property. The harmonious surroundings now serve as the perfect backdrop for a home that rivals any magazine cover.